Our vision

  • To promote and support  change toward a socially just, sustainable low carbon future in North East Valley, Dunedin and connected communities.
  • To provide and sustainably manage a community resource in the form of space, tools and equipment and expertise to support our work.
  • To model caring, collaborative ways of working that demonstrate we value people and the environment. 

The trading purpose of VCW is to provide a co-working environment for its innovative sub-lessees, who are working on green technology ventures, and training apprentices.

The community purpose of VCW is to support these ventures with community support, marketing assistance, additional volunteer labour, connections, helping them train and inspire young people, and connecting them to opportunities.

We welcome tenants who are aligned to our vision, and who like the idea of affordable space and community support.  For community groups, small business, not for profits, or start-ups.

A copy of the VCW Rules can be found here: ValleyCommunityWorkspaceInc.Rules amended 25 July 2017 AGM