We are developing our community investment facility to accept investment from socially minded investors and savers, and we looking for support and input to our plans.

Would you like to preserve your capital, earn capital gains, and invest in your community?

Contribute to our Community Investment Facility in order to buy the building at 11 Allen St and hold it as a community asset.


We are developing the ability to take secure investments from interested parties who would like to preserve their capital, earn capital gains, and invest in their community.


We will hold investments securely, for various set terms, in our building and other significant sustainable infrastructure.

Our assets will be held in a trust to provide security to our investors. Assets will be insured and professionally managed.

Assets will be valued and accounts audited yearly, and online statements will be available at all times.

We will return the funds, and any capital gains, to the investor when the building is sold. No interest payments will be made.

You may withdraw your investment when it matures, within suitable timeframes, and with some liquidity limitations, to be determined before this facility opens.

Each investor would invest in blocks of $5000, and we expect to raise $350,000 to be able to purchase the building and provide liquidity for redemptions.

Insurance or other protection will be held to cover certain long tail possibilities, such as mass redemptions, fraud, gross mismanagement, and others.

Investors must be members of Valley Community Workspace.  VCW members will elect representative Trustee(s) to the investment trust, to meet Financial Market Conduct Act (2013) requirements.

Please Help

Are you interested in investing, or do you have advice for us regarding developing this facility?  Please contact Tim Bishop | 021 705 346