ChargeUp Dunedin- Information sharing meeting about what’s happening on the electric car scene – Wed. 19 Oct 4-6pm

A lot has changed on the EV scene in a year and there are exciting developments on the horizon. Last year VCW partnered with the Otago Polytechnic to host a very successful EV information sharing meeting, ChargeUp Dunedin. We thought it was time for another! This time, we are partnering with the Dunedin EV Owners group, as well as the Otago Polytechnic, and we have a great range of speakers and a format to encourage networking, learning and collaboration.

The event will be held at Otago Polytechnic, Union St.

From 4-5pm in G106 : There will be five minute updates on 7 EV themes, as listed below. Then we’ll move through to the adjacent Hub for focus groups and networking over light refreshments.

Speakers 4-5PM G106.

1. Dunedin EV Owners community – Pam McKinlay
Who are the ‘Dunedin EV community’ and what do they do?
2. Sales Report- Why people ARE buying EVs. NELSON (Autocourt)

3. Dougal McGowan – Business opportunities eco-tourism – E-car potential  (Chamber of Commerce)

4.EV Car Share Schemes – Tom McKinlay – EECA proposal and benefits of an EV car share scheme

5. Leading the charge: EV charging – Rapid, Fast, Trickle examples of where to find –  Plugshare and new NZ charging PROTOCOLS  – Alan Wilden (Navcom)

6. Flip the Fleet – demo – Henrik Moller/Pam McKinlay (Flip the Fleet)

7. Do we need to establish an EV users Group for Dunedin? Group comprised of EV owners (cars, bikes, vans etc) This would be a group like Spokes etc or Bus Users Group, that can then lobby through the annual plan etc and broaden our platform as a point of contact. Peter Dowden – Low Emissions Transport Advocacy – to discuss his group’s experience. Tom  McKinlay – introducing Norwegian model – Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.


Workshops/demos 5-6PM –  The Hub and adjacent car park
1. Under the bonnet  and maintenance
2. EV test drives
3. Ebikes
4. Flip the Fleet – demo – Monitoring battery performance

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  1. Mike Finlayson says:

    really interested in connecting with the EV conversion crew, the link didn’t work though

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