New ‘landlords’ – the Valley Project have bought 11 Allen St!

Thanks to a grant from the Dept. of Internal Affairs (DIA), the Valley Project have been able to buy 11 Allen St! This means tenants and users of the space have greater security of tenure, and there are funds to do some repairs and improvements, for example installing some heating. Rent will also go back into the Community, contributing to other staff salaries (editor of the Valley Voice/Community Workers). The VCW Exec. Committee and Project Exec. are now working out a MoU and lease agreement. So, a very exciting milestone which opens up new opportunities!

Thanks to previous owner, Matt Jennings, for being such a flexible and generous landlord, allowing us to use the space in 2015 as long as we covered outgoings, and then renting to us this year (rather than selling) while the VCW and Project prepared the business case for the DIA.

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