Who we are

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The Valley Community Workspace is a community that supports research and practice in low-carbon and sustainable technologies.  We have a co-working space for sustainable, innovative ventures, skill-sharing, creativity and community led education and development.

The Valley Community Workspace Inc (VCW) coordinates research and development projects and the activities of the workshop. Current ventures include the Dunedin Makerspace – an electronics and robotics development space; a DIY bicycle-repair/second-hand bike workshop; electric and recumbent bicycle developers; electric car conversion enthusiasts; and a welding workshop. Tenants have their own space and access to shared areas, shared workshop spaces for creativity, problem solving and sharing tools and expertise.

The trading purpose of VCW is to provide a co-working environment and research and development projects for its innovative members, who are working on green technology ventures and training apprentices.

The community purpose of VCW is to support these ventures with community support, promote research and development projects, and provide marketing assistance, additional volunteer labour, connections, helping them train and inspire young people, and connecting them to opportunities.


The Valley Community Workspace (link to video)

VCW is a not-for-financial-profit group, however, we do need to generate money to pay the rent to our community-minded landlords, the ‘Valley Project‘. Then they can use this to help fund our Valley community workers and local newsletter, so the money stays in our community. You can support us by joining as a member, donating funds or expertise, volunteering, or renting space.